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Pool Bomb 1.0

Pool Bomb is a pool game with some interesting variations
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Pool Bomb is a pool game with some variations. To begin with, you don´t play against another player. You must pocket every ball before they all explode. That´s because they are not balls, they´re bombs, and they will begin a 120 seconds countdown till they burst. If any of that bomb is still on the table when the counter reaches zero, there will be an explosion, and the game will be over.

You will pocket the balls with the same procedure as in a regular pool game: you will hit the white ball with your cue, in such a way that it will hit the bombs and lead them to the pockets. Should you pocket the white ball, you´ll be penalized with a 20 seconds deduction. If you manage to pocket all the bombs before they explode, you will be taken to the next level. The difficulty of the game will be increased by giving you less time to pocket the balls, by changing the initial position of the bombs, and by placing special items (such as dynamite) over the table. You can´t touch those items with the white ball or any bomb. Doing so will cause an explosion, and the end of the game for you.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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